I wrote about my revelations on the cruel dairy industry, which I had on a recent trip to India, and submitted the post to a few publications. One of the responses I received was priceless, so I had to share it with you all:

Dear Samita,

Thanks for your mail, and glad you have chosen to be a vegetarian.

Hope being a vegetarian brings you great peace, love of the cows and the good lord.

The organization that wrote this is Care for Cows, a cow protection organization based in Vrindavan, India.

"Peace, love of the cows and the good lord" is exactly what the vegetarian diet has given me. It is a compassionate diet that affects consciousness in subtle ways over time. The longer that I have been on this diet, the more compassionate and affectionate to animals that I've noticed myself becoming. It has gotten to the point where the smell of a barbecue  revolts me and I can easily find my eyes welling up when I read heartwarming posts on The Dodo.

Another member from the same organization, who was CC'd, added:

Humans need to go back to the house cow where families keep their own, knowing each by name or even sharing them as some groups are doing with other caring families.  Cows respond with showering their abundant treasures upon the Earth when they are treated with the love and kindness they deserve.

I hope someday to have my own cow(s). In the meantime, I live vicariously through other people, by looking at photos and videos of cows.

Proof that cows are smart:

At the 5:00 mark in this cute video, the little girl's mom says she wants to stop eating beef:

In the summer of 2015, I felt like I was going insane.

I'm a big lover of road trips, and I love exploring what I consider to be the most beautiful country in the world: my homeland of Canada. But as I drove through the countryside and passed farmer's field after farmer's field, seeing beautiful cows grazing or lying around or frolicking adorably, something inside me snapped. I couldn't bear the thought that in a year or two, most of these cows wouldn't be around any more. No matter how great their lives were, they would meet a horrifying end in a slaughterhouse. This gruesome thought tainted the pristine beauty of every sight I saw that summer on my countryside road trips.

I wondered how an amazing country like Canada with such a profound regard for democracy could allow this system of slavery and slaughter to continue. It is so well hidden that most of us don't even notice it, let alone question it.

These thoughts inspired me to start snapping pictures and taking video footage of cows before it was too late. In this way, I could immortalize them and honour their memory.

Basically, I was harnessing my insanity through whatever creative outlets I could. I took a stab at shooting and uploading my first video on YouTube: a bizarre homage to some local cows. I also wrote a short story themed somewhat around cows and what I saw that summer.

I spend a lot of time thinking about cows. They are truly amazing animals that give us so much, and expect so little in return.